Cooperation with clients

We have many years of experience in dealing with various types of domestic and foreign businesses. We produce customised statements and reports to support the business process.

Cooperation with clients includes:

  • Forwarding of accounting documents

Depending on clients' needs, accounting documents are collected at the Tax and Accounting Office, sent to the client's premises or delivered by post or courier.

  • Contacting external parties and representation before them

On behalf of the client, we liaise with external entities such as the Tax Office (US), Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS), Banks, Labour Office (UP) and National Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON). By virtue of the powers of attorney granted, we represent clients before external authorities such as the Tax Office (US) and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

  • Auxiliary reports

We prepare all kinds of auxiliary statements, records and reports on request. The frequency of the above reports depends on the individual client’s needs. The reports cover in particular: the structure of receivables and liabilities, the current performance of the company, as well as other areas of the business depending on the client's needs. In addition, we produce various types of analyses to support business decision-making.

  • Mediation in contacts with legal advisors' offices and health and safety specialists

We have been working with several Legal Advisors and Health and Safety Specialists for many years. We act as an intermediary in arranging meetings with our legal advisors, and these meetings can also take place at our Tax and Accounting Office depending on the client's wishes.

  • Manager Panel

Our clients have the option of using a Manager Panel created especially for them, through which they can keep an up-to-date overview of their business accounting records. Access to the accounting records is protected by a password individually assigned to each client, making the use of the Manager Panel completely secure.


  • Additional services

On behalf of the client, we prepare and transmit transfers to banks.